Vernon interviewed by LAURA COSTA


During a break between video shooting sessions featuring songs from his newest album “Stardust”, Vernon was able to spend some time with the dynamic and brilliant Laura Costa, anchor of Radio-Tv Lombardia’s prime-time live news analysis “Pane al Pane” (“Call a spade a spade”). During the two-hour program Laura knows how to blend the sweet with the sour and this is where Vernon fits in her program – a moment to relax and enjoy some more pleasant news. Laura asked Vernon questions on a wide range of topics, including his career and his love for Europe and Italy in particular. “I love Italian cuisine, to say the least, and I love the people and the music, Italy is so many wonderful things all wrapped in one,” he told Laura. He said that since the days of LPs his albums invariably include Italian songs written by composers like Bindi, Battisti, Paoli, Renis, Malgioglio, and Dalla, to name a few. “Through the years I had the privilege to meet most of these composers-singers and this has increased my interest and fondness of their work,” was his comment when asked about his eclectic repertory. Laura observed that his choices often involve singing in other European languages to which Vernon responded that the Caribbean where he lives is also a melting pot where different European languages are spoken: “I love to sing in French, Spanish and the most musical language of all, Italian, because I love these countries,” he said.