Celebrated casting executive GIANNA TANI interviews Vernon


Earlier this year, Gianna Tani – the multi-faceted casting executive who has become a national icon in her own right – seized the opportunity to interview Vernon at a very well-attended social event in remembrance of the hair stylists of divas Rolando Elisei  in downtown Milan. Gianna was truly elated when she discovered that Vernon could answer most of her questions in Italian and the interview format changed to that of a conversation between old friends. During these jovial exchanges the public learnt about Vernon’s career as well as his most recent album, “Stardust”. It was not too long into the conversation that Gianna Tani asked Vernon to sing a famous song from “West Side Story”. The vocalist was not taken by surprise and almost instantly delivered the main tune of the song with charm and aplomb. This was duly greeted by people attending the event. The interview has been aired on Gianna Tani’s  exceedingly popular web tv and is available through the search engine on her site:  http://giannataniwebchannel.twww.tv/?onair

At the event Vernon exchanged conversation with Italian personalities of the fashion world as well as celebrated gourmet writer Edoardo Raspelli.